Student Accident Insurance

Swain County Schools has contracted with The Young Group, Inc and QBE Insurance Corporation to provide an Accident Insurance policy for Middle School and High School student athletes and band members.  This coverage is SECONDARY and pays on covered student accident claims after other insurance has paid. If there is no other available insurance, this accident insurance policy becomes primary.  This Accident Insurance provides LIMITED BENEFITS.  The schedule of benefits and the claim form are provided below.


Voluntary Student Accident Insurance

Parents may wish to consider purchasing the voluntary Student Accident Insurance available online at There are various options and coverages available.  The voluntary coverage is a primary coverage and you may apply for this coverage on-line or by mail using the applications below.



For questions about the voluntary insurance coverage, you may call Doug Young, President, The Young Group, Inc, at 919-846-9798 or email


Student Athlete Accident Coverage

Voluntary Student Accident Coverage