Academically & Intellectually Gifted

Welcome to Swain County Schools' AIG Webpage. 

The Swain County Academically/Intellectually Gifted program aims to provide these unique learners with experiences which support their academic growth, develop their leadership skills, and promote a balanced approach to life. The array of services provided to them is structured to meet their varying needs. Possible service options include enrichment classes, specialized peer academic groups, project-based activities, academic competitions, accelerated curriculum, differentiated lessons, and academic counseling. Through integration with regular educational programs, personalized and challenging educational experiences will enhance and extend the curriculum for these learners. This collaborative approach allows learning opportunities to be maximized and fosters continuous improvement of efforts.

AIG Coordinator


AIG Specialist Grades 9-12

AIG Advisors Grades 6-8


AIG Specialist Grades K-5